Experience in the use Valgosocks

This story Ivanna from Praha told us. The girl shared his concern and told how they managed to get rid of the bone on the legs with the help of socks Valgosocks.

Experience in the use of Valgosocks

My grandmother suffered for a very long time from the bone near the big toe, and I remember well a curve of the feet, which brought her a lot of pain. I knew that this disease is genetically can be passed, but since my mother, this was not a Problem, I'm not paying attention especially about the prevention. And don't think, that touched me this Problem.

When I started having problems with the bones on the legs

Problems with fir-cones on the soles of the feet, I started when I a post of the chief administrator in one of the best Restaurants in the city. For the dress code I had to always had to spend Pumps to wear with a heel height of 10 cm every 10 hours of the day in the stand and you could just sit in the lunch break. Of course, the legs are very tired after work, but I thought that it was just a habit, and that soon all will pass. In order to reduce somehow the pain, I have the bath with sea salt and enjoyed the cooling Gel.

After a month of this work I've noticed that the bone in the leg was significantly larger, heavily blushing. I remembered that the grandmother smeared the affected area in any Infusion. I asked my mother what it was for a medium, and she gave me a prescription. Well, I started with the self-treatment. Unfortunately, it was a great stupidity, because, firstly, this is the method my grandmother is not helping, and secondly, it was not necessary to drag with the solution of the problem, but to go to a specialist.

Here is evil my partner went on vacation and I worked 3 weeks without a weekend. During this time, the condition of my holding significantly deteriorated, the Finger is very curved, and the pain was such that sleep was the night I after the dose of sleeping pills and painkillers. Shod your shoes was impossible, so we had to buy the shoes for a couple of sizes larger, to somehow rework to go before the return of the staff and immediately taken to the hospital.

How to eliminate I managed all the problems by the socks Valgosocks

Usually, the last days of hell on earth were: I have all of the ointments, tinctures and compresses, which I read in the Internet, but the result and so was not it. After reading a lot of information about this disease, I went to the long-awaited admission to the orthopaedic surgeons with full confidence, that to me is just a surgical procedure helps. The doctor eyed me, and that the necessity of the Operation, said, and, but, for me, shoes with heels do not wear absolutely, at least at the time of treatment. As a treatment the doctor prescribed socks rubbed me to wear Valgosocks. Noticed my distrust of such a treatment, the specialist assured that this is a very effective means, and that many patients failed to completely get rid of the problems this is the only way корректору.

In General, you had to step back from work, like a long vacation to me could offer. I bought socks Valgosocks and began to wear them. After a few weeks I couldn't believe it – the Finger was really a draw, the swelling disappeared, the pain was so severe and only after a long stay in the movement. I decided to give you more time for rest, not to strain the foot, and the result will not wait long – already after 2 months of socks I wore, not regularly, but only for shoes. After a month there was no need. A great pity, not that there was previously such correctors – my grandmother would have been very useful.

Now I wear comfortable shoes, not out of the orthopedic business, not too close and not too high heels. Sometimes, in any case, not let myself in and fashionable high-heeled shoes, then, by the way, the legs are tired, as previously. Now I realized that it is not at all the Norm, and that the legs pain after any loads. I hope my review will be useful reading and his girl suffering from bone on the leg and able to live a full life, with socks Valgosocks.